Lead With Your Expertise, Not Your Services

Paul Delacourt

August 29, 2022

Lead With Your Expertise, Not Your Services - Paul Delacourt

To build trust, lead with your expertise. Use content marketing to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. It will also help you grow your business. Deanna is a content marketing manager at Cleverific. She lives in the country just outside the capital with her two dogs.

Building trust with your expertise

As an expert, the best way to build trust with your customers is to show them you care about their needs. This can be done through exceptional customer service. This will make your customers feel you are there to help them with any problems. To do this, you must provide valuable information for each customer and follow up on any questions they might have. In addition, you should give your customer service agents autonomy to go above and beyond. Your customer service agents are the foundation of your relationship with your customers.

Creating trust is the first step to improving any relationship, including a business one. Clients who trust a business are more likely to purchase it from it. LinkedIn’s State of Sales report states that trust is more important than price and ROI when closing deals. That’s because people buy from a person that they can trust.

Developing a visibility plan

Developing a visibility plan for your expertise involves creating strategies and tactics to increase your online presence. Your visibility strategy should help your brand attract and maintain interest from the right people. Making your content easy to discover will boost your visibility and sales.

The first step is to identify the goals for your visibility plan. Once you have set your goals, you must communicate them to your team. This will help your team stay on track and build trust. If everyone is involved, there’s less confusion, and the team is more likely to make good decisions.

Another way to increase visibility is to make a visual representation of your work. A graphical representation will help people see what you’ve done and what’s next. When you create a visual representation, you make it easy for everyone to understand the entire project.


Expertise refers to comprehensive knowledge in an area of study or practice. However, expertise is often not measured similarly in every discipline. It measures skill, power, or influence. Training, talents, and research determine it.

The question of how to measure expertise is a challenge for many organizations. Understanding the value of your expert employees and identifying how to make them more marketable is essential. This means creating ways to acknowledge your employees and recognize their expertise. It also requires buy-in from senior members of your organization. They should be willing to invest in the development of expertise marketing and will want to see proof of their knowledge and expertise.


Your service offerings are not your primary differentiator, and your expertise is what differentiates you. A service is a grouping of capabilities that will lead to a client’s desired future stateā€”as such, selling your services as capabilities isn’t a viable strategy.