Paul Delacourt Joins the Expert Team at Red River Technology

Paul Delacourt

October 27, 2021

Business Leaders

Accomplished executive Paul Delacourt joins Red River Technology as the tech transformation firm’s director of programs.

A resident of Northern Virginia, Paul Delacourt is an accomplished executive with decades of experience in program management, security, and intelligence. Having previously partnered with a wide variety of clients and private sector entities, including members of the U.S. Intelligence Community, Delacourt has recently taken on a new role at Red River Technology.

Headquartered in Claremont, NH, Paul joins tech transformation firm Red River Technology, LLC, at the Chantilly, VA, office as the company’s director of programs. “I’m extremely proud to have joined the fantastic team at Red River Technology in Chantilly,” says Delacourt.

Paul Delacourt is known among his peers for his ability to lead diverse teams with strategic vision through critical thinking. He’s also acknowledged for his excellent communication skills and an inherent ability to maintain high standards of accountability, integrity, and compliance alike.

Red River Technology is a prominent tech transformation company with offices around the country. The business is focused on harnessing the power of technology to improve how its clients do business and has an extensive managed services clientele.

“Red River Technology boasts industry-leading technical expertise,” recent recruit Paul explains, “thanks to strategic partnerships and complete end-to-end support that have made it the number one choice for a broad range of clients.”

Paul Delacourt explains that these clients, the firm’s new director of programs goes on to point out, include operations for clients in both the commercial and federal markets, who seek to optimize their internal processes and maximize the value of their investments.

Paul Delacourt continues to serve alongside the University of Chicago faculty.

With Red River Technology since May 2021, Paul headed to the firm with unsurpassed experience in developing agile strategies and solutions for addressing risk. Since January 2020, Delacourt has also held adjunct lecturer and curriculum advisor positions at the University of Chicago.

Before joining Red River Technology and taking up his role at the famous university located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, Delacourt served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 25 years. Elsewhere, Red River Technology’s new director of programs has previously volunteered alongside the Pacific Council on International Policy.

Paul Delacourt was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up in the Great Lakes State’s southeast region. He would later attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, earning a Bachelor of Arts. From there, he studied at Wayne State University Law School, earning his Juris Doctor.

Outside of his work and other professional endeavors, Mr. Delacourt enjoys a broad range of hobbies and personal interests. He resides in Northern Virginia.