Paul Delacourt presents the University of Chicago MSTRM program

Paul Delacourt

October 27, 2021

Paul Delacourt presents the University of Chicago MSTRM program

Adjunct lecturer Paul Delacourt provides a closer look at the University of Chicago’s Master of Science in Threat and Response Management.

Having served with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over two decades, Paul Delacourt is now an adjunct lecturer and curriculum advisor at the University of Chicago. Here, intelligence expert Delacourt offers a closer look at the prestigious university’s Graham School’s Master of Science in Threat and Response Management, led by tenured UChicago faculty.

“The Graham School at the University of Chicago first introduced its Master of Science in Threat and Response Management degree over a decade ago now,” explains the law enforcement and intelligence expert. He goes on to reveal that the program is an interdisciplinary course of study on crucial emergency preparedness.

The University of Chicago’s Graham School, Delacourt further explains, rigorously explores the big ideas that challenge and change the world through a wealth of all-important programs and classes. “Accordingly, the school provides a comprehensive education for adult learners of all academic backgrounds,” he suggests.

According to Paul Delacourt, the Graham School’s MSTRM program grants enrolled students an unparalleled education in both managing and understanding all aspects of a wide variety of major public health risks. These risks, the expert reports, range from the likes of natural disasters and disease outbreaks to those associated with national security and cyber security threats.

Many individuals responsible for preserving and protecting health and safety are deemed to be appropriate candidates for the program. “This is true whether an individual works in law enforcement, homeland security, or emergency response,” Delacourt points out, “as well as private sector endeavors, public health, research, and medicine.”

Led by tenured UChicago faculty, the Master of Science in Threat and Response Management offered by the Graham School at the university takes students from preparation through response and recovery. “Over ten years on, it remains a one-of-a-kind learning experience,” adds Delacourt, “that ultimately benefits the safety of everyday citizens.”

Paul Delacourt joins the team at a leading technology transformation firm.

In addition to his work alongside the Graham School at the University of Chicago, Paul Delacourt also recently joined the tech transformation firm Red River Technology. “I’m extremely proud to have recently joined the fantastic team at Red River Technology in Chantilly, Virginia,” says the firm’s new director.

Delacourt is known among his peers for his ability to lead diverse teams in rapidly evolving situations. He’s also acknowledged for his excellent communication skills and crisis response planning.

Meanwhile, Claremont, NH’s Red River Technology is a renowned tech transformation company based with offices around the country. Led by experts, the business is primarily focused on harnessing the power of technology to change how its customers do business, with clients in both the commercial and federal markets.